Thursday, March 22, 2012

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           Sometimes change is a good thing. Funny to hear from a mom of five. When we have all five children, I relish routine. However...there's NOTHING routine about having five kids. So being brought down by an ailment is kind of not shocking.
           Last Tuesday, I was getting ready to take the kids to our local yearly festival. I had my face on, had hot rollers in my hair, and was headed to the bedroom to get dressed....and my back staged an all out offensive against me. It felt like there was a complete collection of Ginzu knives hanging out in my lower back. I could barely move anywhere! It was worse than back labor...which happens to be the only kind of labor I had with all 3 of my miracles. The next day my mother brought my daddy's wheelchair over and 3 of my firefighter's coworkers had to come lift the wheelchair out of the house and get me in my truck. Once we got to the chiropractor's office, I was wheeled in crying. An hour later I walked out. Seems the inner muscles around my spine had been overcompensating and protecting my spine for so long that it couldn't do it any longer and shut my body down and my sciatic nerve decided to jump in on the party.
          I'm slowly getting better. I'm back at work and going through therapy to strengthen my back. I've had to sit back and let other people do things and take care of things. I'm not liking it....but I'm doing it. I'll keep you posted on my progress...both my back AND my sanity.

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