Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Projects back is better. Not completely healed,but MUCH better than I was. Two weeks ago I couldn't even get out of bed. Just out of the blue it felt like I was having back labor. Any mom knows what I'm talking about. A thousand knives in the small of your back. Pain shooting down my right leg too. I thought it was all the sciatic nerve. My mom had to come take care of me like I was 5 again. I have to use my dad's wheelchair and my husband firefighter coworkers had to come help get my wheelchair out of our house and get me in the truck to get to the chiropractor. SUCH a helpless feeling.
      An hour after I was wheeled into the chiropractor's office balling my eyes out from the pain, I SLOWLY...VERY SLOWLY walked out. The inner muscles around the lower part of my back finally had enough and just gave out. Then my sciatic nerve jumped in for the party. OUCH!!! Thank God there are no problems with my disks or anything. Completely muscular. So adjustments and physical therapy are in my future for at least the next few months.
      NOW...I'm back at work after a horrible week off being trapped in the house,only leaving for doctor visits. I can sit in a chair with very minimal pain. Which means...I can FINALLY start sewing on my new sewing machine!!!! YYYYAAAAAYYYY!!!
       During a sale...and a REALLY good overtime check payday...I bought me a Babylock Molly model sewing machine. Our local Babylock dealer is a wonderful woman and I wanted something newer than my Singer basic model that would be smooth and easy to sew on. I'm a self taught sewer. Learning by pattern and DIY books. I'm also a plus size girl so I've been looking through patterns for a while to find something cute. Finally found one!!! McCall's M6085
Wish me luck! Going to start looking for material this weekend.
Until next time!

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