Thursday, July 17, 2014

Look And See Wednesday

    Ok it's actually Thursday, but this was my LAST DAY SHIFT of my work cycle! I'm off SEVEN DAYS NOW! WOOHOO!!!'s the fridge 
As you can see the ground meat has been used. I made a large batch of poor man's hamburger helper. Poor mans hamburger helper consists of ground beef and shells and cheese. It was TASTY! Even my finicky bonus son liked it. He has truly eaten great all week. It's been a really good week. Yesterday(Tuesday) I made a chocolate pie to replace the pumpkin pie that was steadily being eaten. And as you can's half gone itself. Lol
      And no...I still haven't cleaned the bottom of the fridge. Yes...I'll take care of that tomorrow. On an exciting note...
My diva daughter went to a sewing camp this week at a local sewing machine and fabric store. They made tag quilts. She has finished the quilt top. 
This was her first time EVER following a pattern and sewing on a machine. I think it looks awesome. Sewing is a skill I want her to learn early in life by people who are masters of this skill because I had to teach myself and I only started in the last 10 years. One more pic...
See....diva....until next time friends!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tuesday Results

        Ok! TOTAL ACCOMPLISHMENT! Monday night I told my husband we were gonna start actually eating the leftovers we always accumulate because we are throwing LOTS of money away when we let it go to waste. And with all the new expenses I've taken on since my father died (funeral and headstone at grave), we can't afford to throw money away anymore. 
      SO....I'm extremely excited to report that I remembered my lunch that I prepped Monday night and only spent change getting a large drink that always lasts the majority of my shift! I even brought home what I didn't finish and put it back in the fridge to eat later. 
       My husband gave me the rundown of his day off and mentioned that he and our boys didn't eat the goulash leftovers for lunch because his ex father in law(we're still friends with him) took him and the boys to lunch for helping him haul some things. That meant that supper preparation suddenly was reduced to me heating the leftovers! I thought about cooking a small amount to add to the leftovers but my husband thought we had enough. Unfortunately it turns out there was only enought to feed five. So after plating up supper for the three kids at home and my husband I heated myself a package of ramen noodles to eat. I keep it as a standby for my five year old. Then we all enjoyed ice cream cups AND...I went ahead and made a chocolate pie!!! I'm on a roll people!!!
       So here's what the ice box looks like now...

So the gallon of milk is almost gone and the pumpkin pie is being enjoyed. Also the can soft drinks are dwindling and all left over food has been eaten. My husband also drank two of his gatorades while mowing grass today. We saw a deal for give at the grocery store and jumped on it since we knew he would be mowing a few this week. And we've been able to maintain order on the fridge door too! Yyyaaaaaayyyy!!!!
       Stay tuned for more tomorrow!!!!

Monday...On Wednesday

     I'm working days this week so I've taken photos but haven't had time to post!
       Ok! So Monday I came home from work and made my own version of goulash. I aptly named it Batchgirl Goulash! THEY LOVED IT! Even my bonus son....the most finicky eater I have right now! 
         Sunday night I baked a loaf of bread and finally made a pumpkin pie for my husband (he's been bugging me to make him one for a while). 
So here's my Monday night photos!

     No I haven't had time to clean the bottom shelf or the floor part in front of the drawers, but nothing is growing! Anyway, on the bottom shelf is the leftover goulash in reusable pyrex containers. The three small pyrex containers on the top shelf are for my lunch for work tomorrow. There's also a small container on the bottom for my daughter to take to sewing camp with her. They have a lunch break and instead  of having snacks for lunch she's packing it! Stay tuned for Tuesday!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Starting Fresh

       Well I had the energy...and the day off yesterday, so I decided it was time to make some small changes. 
       We as a family have a habit of saving leftovers yet NEVER EAT THEM! We have really good intentions, but we always drop the ball. Half of us have been brought up to think leftovers are a bad thing (my bonus kids), and the other half (me, my husband and my biological kids), just plain forget their in the ice box! Ugh! Such waste going on! And with five kids we really need to buckle down again like we used to do. Making meals at home, Bringing lunches to work, eating leftovers, and then the basics....turning lights off, fixing things before we throw them out for new things. 
       I have a couple of things I do to save a little money. I make my own laundry detergent. I have been for about 6 years. I had also started mending and up cycling clothes. When the older kids grow taller, the pants become capris or shorts. For the girls I even added fabric to the bottom of shirts to give them length to last longer. It's not much but getting them in the habit helps. of yesterday....the fridge is cleaned out and we're starting a no waste food week. I explained to the kids what that entails and they are on board. I also am baking our bread again, which saves money even if it's just a small amount. I'm also canning tomato sauce for spaghetti and canning fruit and jelly/preserves. 
          Here's a pic of our fridge on Sunday

Plus the fridge door (cause that gets chaotic!)

              I'll post daily this week to show our progress. 

Saturday, May 31, 2014

What I've Been Up To...


     Well it's been a long while since I came here to write. I've been back and forth with things I've been getting done and taking pics with my phone to share on this blog. 
      Tonight I started my shift cycle again. So I packed my work backpack with stuff to occupy the down time. Last Friday I bought a pack of socks for my oldest son at Academy. While doing laundry this past week I found one of the socks with a big hole at the toe and I just COULD NOT throw them away. So I packed the sock, one of the kids baseballs, and a sewing kit and decided to try my hand at darning socks. 
       Well I think I did ok! You can tell it was done but it's not botched up. I forgot to take a before pic, but here's an after. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Frugal Ways I'm trying to work on getting more and more frugal and eating clean. Trying to take a page out of Katy's book from The Nonconsumer Advocate. It's especially hard when I'm working midnights. I'm getting better about being prepared though. So this week is my mid week of midnights, and I've done....sort of good.
        So I've been researching and when trying to eat clean I keep reading that frozen vegetables are just as good as fresh, knowing that I'll cook about 1 cup of vegetables with seasonings and a very small amount of butter. I add it to one cup of wild/brown rice (mixed). I pack it in my 3 Pyrex containers. I also bring sliced green apples and a jar of all natural peanut butter as my snack. Last night it ALL went down the drain. I didn't even TRY to save money. I can't remember what we ate, but I ate out with my dispatch partner. We work 12 hour shifts so I pack a larger lunch bag to make it through the entire shift. I did however eat one of my servings and some apples and peanut butter. I always bring my double wall mason jar style cup and we have a tea maker at work so I don't have to buy it.
        Tonight we ate out again when we first got to work, BUT...I remembered I had a gift card from Sonic. So I suggested we eat from there and I used my gift card. I only paid $1.16 for my entire dinner. It's now 3:45a and I've eaten another serving of my PFH food (packaged from home) and the rest of my apples and peanut butter. I'll leave the rest for tomorrow night's shift. partner and I eat a lot. I'm in shape....round is a shape. Thankfully I've got some new patterns I wanna try so the big girl clothes won't cost me anything.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Good Finds and Other Things

So I'm starting to look more for good finds. I've found a few. Like this cup for work.
      I had my eye on cups like this double walled durable plastic mason jar style cup at the big chain smiley face discount store around the holidays. Well after the new year when my daughters loaded our dishwasher one night, they loaded my reusable cup for work and somehow warped it. So much that it looked like it was put into the microwave to be dried. So it bit the dust. But I digress....
      So I had to get MORE hangers for our home and some organizational tools for my closet to function correctly and I saw this cup...MARKED DOWN to $2.48! I grabbed it and now have a mug I carry EVERYWHERE!!!
      I also was able to get one of my daughters a lunch bag and Pyrex container for her to start carrying her lunch. We whipped up a healthy lunch of pasta noodles and veggies this morning and I also sent apple slices that were NOT prepackaged. I'm trying to teach her early about frugal living so that she doesn't have the learn all this the hard way like I am. She said her lunch was "incredible" and she's ready to take more with her tomorrow morning. I'll have to stay up and make her lunch before I go to sleep since I'm working midnights this weekend.
       When my husband went to get dog food I had him grab me some peanut butter and more small green apples for my work snacks. I'm still working on being frugal in more ways but the baby steps are the way to getting it right.