Thursday, February 20, 2014

Frugal Ways I'm trying to work on getting more and more frugal and eating clean. Trying to take a page out of Katy's book from The Nonconsumer Advocate. It's especially hard when I'm working midnights. I'm getting better about being prepared though. So this week is my mid week of midnights, and I've done....sort of good.
        So I've been researching and when trying to eat clean I keep reading that frozen vegetables are just as good as fresh, knowing that I'll cook about 1 cup of vegetables with seasonings and a very small amount of butter. I add it to one cup of wild/brown rice (mixed). I pack it in my 3 Pyrex containers. I also bring sliced green apples and a jar of all natural peanut butter as my snack. Last night it ALL went down the drain. I didn't even TRY to save money. I can't remember what we ate, but I ate out with my dispatch partner. We work 12 hour shifts so I pack a larger lunch bag to make it through the entire shift. I did however eat one of my servings and some apples and peanut butter. I always bring my double wall mason jar style cup and we have a tea maker at work so I don't have to buy it.
        Tonight we ate out again when we first got to work, BUT...I remembered I had a gift card from Sonic. So I suggested we eat from there and I used my gift card. I only paid $1.16 for my entire dinner. It's now 3:45a and I've eaten another serving of my PFH food (packaged from home) and the rest of my apples and peanut butter. I'll leave the rest for tomorrow night's shift. partner and I eat a lot. I'm in shape....round is a shape. Thankfully I've got some new patterns I wanna try so the big girl clothes won't cost me anything.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Good Finds and Other Things

So I'm starting to look more for good finds. I've found a few. Like this cup for work.
      I had my eye on cups like this double walled durable plastic mason jar style cup at the big chain smiley face discount store around the holidays. Well after the new year when my daughters loaded our dishwasher one night, they loaded my reusable cup for work and somehow warped it. So much that it looked like it was put into the microwave to be dried. So it bit the dust. But I digress....
      So I had to get MORE hangers for our home and some organizational tools for my closet to function correctly and I saw this cup...MARKED DOWN to $2.48! I grabbed it and now have a mug I carry EVERYWHERE!!!
      I also was able to get one of my daughters a lunch bag and Pyrex container for her to start carrying her lunch. We whipped up a healthy lunch of pasta noodles and veggies this morning and I also sent apple slices that were NOT prepackaged. I'm trying to teach her early about frugal living so that she doesn't have the learn all this the hard way like I am. She said her lunch was "incredible" and she's ready to take more with her tomorrow morning. I'll have to stay up and make her lunch before I go to sleep since I'm working midnights this weekend.
       When my husband went to get dog food I had him grab me some peanut butter and more small green apples for my work snacks. I'm still working on being frugal in more ways but the baby steps are the way to getting it right.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sticking To It

The New Years Resolutions.
  I normally don't make them. I listen to everyone elses...but I normally don't even try to set myself up for failure with this action. HOWEVER...this year I really thought about it and with the obvious weight loss resolution being an automatic on the list I came up with two I'm making every effort to become a lifestyle change...not just a new years list.
       1)Become more frugal and save money.
          I am starting the Dave Ramsey course in February with my husband. Even though he's deadest against anything to do with Christianity(he's not a non-believer...he's just not a church kind of he says),he was willing to listen to what this can offer us.
          I am also investing in products that will last for years to come food storage-wise. I bought some Pyrex lunch containers. I was trying to find some at a resale shop or craft/antique mall in the area, but they want MUCH MORE for USED Pyrex than I want to spend. My goal is to eventually have ALL Pyrex food storage. Completely do away with plastic in my home
        2)Eat clean and make the majority if not all the food I and my family eat myself.
           I have done good in the past three days by preparing and packing my food for work the night before and REMEMBERING to grab it from the ice box when I leave for work. When I get off this evening my plan is to make some dishes that can be frozen and reheated this week while I'm on midnights. If that doesn't get done tonight it will get done on my day off Monday. I've also talked with my kids about trying to save on school lunches and have them bring their lunches this week. Trial run to see if we can remember.
          We are a long way from saving and paying off things but with these baby steps we are on our way to a debt free life and a home WE OWN!!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Living on The Frugal Side

Hey y'all!!!
's been a while! I've had several things I wanted to post on here, but I'm not such a fan of posting from my Iphone. I know everyone does, I guess it's just trying to post with The Wee One either on me or wanting my undivided attention. But I'm at work in dispatch right now...with a spare minute.
           I have two goals for 2014:
1)To be HOT by my birthday in July. (Trophy Wife)
2)To become more frugal and work on minimizing my family's carbon footprint.

           My favorite thing to read about is frugal living. I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading and They helped me gain more knowledge on how to waste nothing and stretch my budget with five kids and all that implies. We participate in 4H and our two daughters raise show rabbits, and now our two older sons joined and all four of them are going to do the 4H rifle project. Which means we're buying FOUR rifles. Thankfully they provide ammo and all other equipment. And they encourage my interest in clean eating. Motivating me to cook more and eat out less, which helps not only my belly but my pocketbook too!!!

            The more I read the more I also get ideas for repurposing things in my house and at my storage. My first big project was my daughter's chest of drawers. When we moved in with Colin I had barely any furniture, and what I did have was in my storage space. We made do and I'm sorry to say I let it go too long that she had a small nightstand in her closet to put stuff in. So this weekend I made sure to follow through. 
       Unfortunately I forgot to take a before pic...but here's the In Progress. 
And now...AFTER!!!
     I used the sander my husband got me for a present this year, a gallon of wrongly mixed paint I got at Lowes for $5.00 as is, and some pink fluorescent spray paint I bought for my studio. No distressing the wood...just straight paint. I think it looks good. I think she does too!

Saturday, September 28, 2013 again

                  Well....I'm back for a while. I've been doing some things that I keep thinking,"Wow! I should write about that in my blog!"...yet I never seem to actually sit down and do it. Also everytime I have intentions of putting a new recipe on here I get so caught up in cleaning and cooking, I forget to take pics! Ugh!
                  But I had a breakthrough this week. While sitting with my supervisor at work enduring a mind numbing audit, we had a break and were talking and she busts out with," and I told him ya  know...Paige is the most disorganized one in this office and she got her stuff together and taught that class!" Well...there were more colorful words she used cause of the environment we work in...but this is a family show...but I digress. Anyway, it stuck in my head all day and I realized...yep...I'm disorganized! I'm in NO WAY having a pity party. I'm just having one of those "ah ha" moments as Oprah calls them.
                  I've also had another realization. My dance studio is not going to make it. As much as I tried to keep this dream alive, financially it's just not going to happen. If I had a place in my home or on my property that I could teach in I could do it with no business loan, but without enough students to make it be self sufficient, I can't keep it open. I have to break this to my 4 students tomorrow. I hate this cause I love them and I know I'm letting them down. family comes first.
        step....getting bills paid off! I'll start tackling that when I close down in November. My off all business related bills by summer. Not sure how I'm going to tackle that...but I will. Getting back into thrift mode and will be back on top soon.
                 WISH ME LUCK!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oh What A Beautiful Morning...

       So it's been about three weeks now and I'm living almost completely pain free! This is AWESOME! I mean ok...I'm stiff sometimes and yes there is still some pain sometimes but NOTHING like it was. I told my firefighter that I have to get used to NOT being in pain. I didn't realize how long I had been feeling that way. 
       Anyway, this week started good. Couldn't sleep late this morning so I started a beef roast in my new crock pot. Man I love that thing! Also have a lot of things to get done at the studio. Classes start Thursday!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Want That back

So I've been looking harder at myself and I'm trying to get back to the old me. I look back at pics of me like this one. 
So why did I let men make me feel like I wasn't beautiful. I was a HOTTIE! Lol. And now I'm extremely overweight and I look NOWHERE NEAR as good as this. Where in the world is my determination hiding? Where did my discipline go!?! I'm feeling defeated and I have no clue how to get back to square one. I have tried to hold myself accountable and it hasn't helped. Am I a hopeless cause!?! Do I need a swift kick in the butt!?! Was there really a second shooter on the grassy knoll!?!?
   So many mysteries!!!!!!