Thursday, April 26, 2012

Taking the Reins

Ok. So I'm tired of having an unorganized...extremely cluttered house. I've always had a home that when you walked in, you just knew kids lived there...but now that there's SEVEN of us under one roof, it's out of control!
So even though I worked midnights last might, I still went to Lowes before I climbed in bed and bought some utility shelves and baskets to put my toiletry stock and towels on.
Yes...a toiletry stock. Shampoo,conditioner,styling products,body wash,razors,feminine products. I'm also working on stocking toilet paper. We go through all of that SOOOO quick.
I'm also enlisting one of my sargeants daughters to help me stay focused and finish one task at a time. It's a huge undertaking....but I really think I'm going to enjoy this adventure.
Does that sound sick or what!?! LOL!

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