Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Well I went and did it again! No one who would be reading my blog knows this, but my husband and I are hunters. I hunt deer and my husband hunts deer and ducks. When he got divorced he had to let go of his deer lease. So I've been looking for another lease for us to get on. Well...I found us one! Yaaay! We're going look at it Monday with one of my officers whose on it also to make sure it's what we want. Problem is...because we have to hit EVERYTHING we need to hunt, from feeders to guns, we both have to work more. Which means I'll barely be seeing my husband.
This is a problem for me because I like this one! ( husband I mean). I like being around him and he likes being around me, so this whole working all the time thing is gonna be incredibly difficult. But it's for a good cause and my firefighter will be happy to be hunting again. I guess I can suffer through it. Let us pray...

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