Sunday, June 10, 2012

Once Again

Well....I'm there. Rock bottom. I weigh the most I've ever weighed....without being pregnant. I'm ashamed to say I weigh 226 lbs. I look exactly like I never wanted to. I've come to the conclusion that my true calling in life is to own my own dance studio and be a full time dance teacher. Its been my dream since i was 8 years old but I can't dance with all this weight holding me back...So it's time to make a change.
Starting this morning (I'm working overtime til 4a), I'm making a conscious effort to change my eating habits. Not starving, no pills, no shakes. A true healthy start. I've been looking at weight watchers online and I might sign up if these first two weeks are harder than I think. And I DO KNOW IT'S GONNA BE HARD!!!
I'll be blogging my daily struggles on here. I know there are warrior chicks out there struggling with weight loss goals and I'm welcoming any and all encouragement, health tips, and ideas. Pray for me! And leave me comments so I know who to pray for!

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