Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blog Dare Day 4: It's All About Ramen Noodles...or as it's known in my house...DOODLES!!!

         My youngest miracle is just like my oldest son...he requires mobile food. Only a few things will keep him sitting down long enough to eat from a bowl with a spoon. That's Mac and Cheese, Cocoa Krispies or as he says it,"Cocoa Pispies", and Ramen Noodles...again or as he calls them,"Doodles"!
         He's a very animated little red headed Irish fellow. The red hair comes from his daddy...the Irish part comes from both of us...and the animated... I have NO CLUE!!! Mischievious grin showing now. He knows what he wants when he wants it. Again...where does he get this!?! He's the youngest of five and they all think it's horrible for him to get in trouble. They'd rather take the spanking for him than see him get one. Then they cry with him. I have to remind him that he's too small to do stuff sometimes, which REALLY gets him angry. But I have to admit all the kids are really patient with him and teach him alot of things he should learn when he's at day care. Due to financial restraint it's just been cheaper for my sister to keep him while I work. My other two miracles went to day care from the time they were about 2 months old. It truly helped when they started school and my daughter started dance class cause they didn't panic when I left. I can't even leave the little Irishman in the toddler room at church on Sundays! So....when the older ones start school I'm going to start him in Mother's Day Out at a church down the road from our home. It's not our church home but it's got a great Mother's Day Out program. I'm good with that!
        Back to the Doodles though... he eats them just as noodles, no "juice" in them. He likes to use his fingers along with his spoon. And he likes them at any time of the day. Breakfast, lunch, supper, midnight snack, 3am when he stands next to my bed until I wake up and he asks if he can lay with me in my bed...anytime. I love my crazy, amazing, hectic, kid filled life. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

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