Thursday, July 19, 2012

My First Review!!!

                                King Arthur Gluten Free Mixes

                        I'm so EXCITED!!! I contacted King Arthur Flour Company about doing a review of their gluten free flour. They not only sent the gluten free flour for me to review...they also sent their gluten free pancake mix. So last Saturday night my three miracles and I decided to make pancakes when I got off work.

               So the ingredients were super easy. The box of gluten free pancake mix, eggs, oil or melted butter (I always substitute extra virgin olive oil in recipes for a healthier choice), and milk. (I like 2% better than Vitamin D...but My Firefighter LOVES Vitamin D, so having 2% in my house is rare.)

                      So you start out with 4 eggs

                       Add the extra virgin olive oil (UNFORTUNATELY...I'm at work right now posting this and I can't remember how much EVOO to use)...can you tell I'm new at this?!?

Add your milk. (Again...can't remember how much milk. But all measurements are on the back of the box)
And gluten free pancake mix.

Now beat til it has a thicker consistency.

BTW...Lemme introduce my soux chef's...
My Little Irishman
My Diva Miracle
And my oldest miracle...he didn't wanna take a picture cause he's too cool for mom's blog.
My apologies now for the red eye and not so great's my iPhone.
Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.....
So on medium heat, go ahead and heat your pan. Please excuse the slight mess on the stove. Remember...I cook for seven at all times, I'm not always able to wipe down the stove. And besides...with kids as awesome as mine...sometimes the stove can be wiped down later.

Now I made sand dollar size pancakes, so I just used a regular sized spoon and put 2 spoonfuls to make the pancakes.
And here's the first two pancakes! I ended up making two platefuls!
My Firefighter loved them and so did all the kids. I'm excited to start transitioning into a gluten free diet for me and the family. Using the King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Pancake Mix proved to me that cooking gluten free is just as easy as cooking with regular ingredients....and it tastes just as good!

I hope you've enjoyed my first review as much as I like doing it. Special thanks to Allison Furbish, the Web Media Coordinator for King Arthur Flour for letting me do a review of her company's product on my blog. Check out their website for their incredible products.

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