Saturday, September 29, 2012

Texas Fall Memories

           So I am a SITS Girls reader and they're doing a Fall Back Into Blogging Challenge. And since I'm trying to make blogging a daily habit again....Here's my first SITS Girls blog posting!!!
           So I'm in Texas. The great state of Texas...Southeast Texas to be exact. Where Hurricanes Rita and Ike both made very significant marks on my life...both good and bad. Needless to say that fall in my part of Texas is not exactly what most people would call a specific season. My most enjoyable fall memories would have to be Friday night football games when I was in school. I was a member of our high school drill team, The Nederland Westernaires. To be a member of that drill team meant you were the best of the best. We worked hard and the end result showed it. Modeled after the world famous Kilgore Rangerettes, numerous awards year after year made a name for us in the state. When people heard you were a Westernaire, they kind of looked at you in awe. At games while we were standing at attention waiting to take the field at halftime, little girls would stand and just stare. LOL....I know it sounds weird to talk like that...but people...this is Texas high school football! There's EXTREME pomp and circumstance involved in the Friday night football experience. I won't even get into Homecoming!
            Anyway, I remember being in those "old traditional" uniforms (they were all about 20 years old), made of a heavy duty material, sweating of course...we are talking about Southeast Texas, where the weather is muggy and hot and the mosquitoes are HUGE. Standing on the side lines and marching onto the field to "Grandioso", the traditional music to bring the Westernaires onto the footbal field and the crowd gives the incredible supportive and proud cheers. The feel of the slightly wet from humidity grass on the football field, the bright "Friday Night Lights", and looking into the full to capacity stands at the citizens of my hometown out to support us like they're ALL members of our family.
           Being apart of the Friday night festivities made you a celebrity while you were in school. Man what an awesome ride.

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