Monday, September 24, 2012

Experimenting In The Kitchen Goes Great!!!

So my recent business venture (finally opening a dance studio), went down in flames when my kids and family were negatively affected by my wants. No dream is worth anything if your family can't support that dream is gone.
So now I have some final bills and I'll be completely out of business. With school and my two daughters dance costs and my oldest son in band as well as one daughter, I have to be extremely frugal right now. In an effort to learn more...and pick myself up and dust off, I started searching for more mom blogs online. I found a few more great ones. Two in particular I am now following are The Nonconsumer Advocate and The Frugal Girl.
To be honest, I'm not sure where I saw this recipe, cause I was at work reading blogs online on our down time in the middle of the night and I just copied down the recipe and stuck it in my purse.'s for homemade breakfast pockets. Like the commercially made Hot Pockets. I already make my own bread (and will be able to do it more often now that I only have the one dispatch job) so it was really a breeze to whip up. Being the COMPLETE Google Nerd that I am, I found a super easy bread recipe a couple years back. It has few ingredients and I substitute extra virgin olive oil in where they have shortening for a healthier bread. So I whip up a batch of bread and cover it to sit and rise, then I start on the turkey bacon and scrambled eggs. You use an entire package of turkey bacon and a dozen eggs. The only other ingredient is shredded cheese. I start by cutting the entire pack of bacon in half,then frying it up. As I cook it I place it in a stack to dry off and harden just a bit. I add milk to my eggs for fluffiness and seasoning. Once the eggs are cooked and the bacon is chopped up, I combine them then add cheese.
I'll be posting the recipes under the My Concoctions tab. Try it and tell me what you think!

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