Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blessings List

         So today everyone's on Facebook being thankful for things. Well...I'm at work wishing I was with my husband and kids. But I'll go ahead with my Blessings List.
         Here's what I'm thankful for:
1. My relationship with God. He's patient, loving and kind to me. He never lets me down with blessings AND lessons.
2. My husband. Colin understand me more than anyone else. He makes sure I take care of myself and makes sure I'm happy.
3. My kids. Tyler, Taryn and Garrett are the reasons I get up every morning. I sacrifice being with them alot for work so I can provide for them. I miss them more than anyone will ever know and I cry sometimes on my way to work...but I keep on going.
4. My family. My mom and sister for keeping my kids safe for me while I make a living. I'd never be able to provide for them without their help.
5. Being employed. These are difficult times we live in. I have a job that pays well enough to support my family...or at least help Colin more than he was ever helped in his first marriage. There will always be a need for police officers and firefighters...and dispatchers to send them places.
6. The ability to learn. I'm not talking about structured education. I'm talking about learning how to cook, clean and function as an adult. Not alot of adults these days can do that. I didn't hang out in the kitchen helping my mom and grandmother cook, or learning how to sew, plant and maintain a garden. But I was blessed with my grandmother's gift of learning how to do what I needed to support and provide for my kids. And I've taught myself alot. I've asked alot of questions, researched alot and tested lots of things. 
7. Smart Phones. Through Tango, Skype, and Facetime I can still interact with my husband and kids while I'm at work. The kids, especially Garrett, can see my face and talk to me ALMOST like I was there. PLUS there are Christian apps I can get to be able to read the Bible, and devotionals.
8. Farmers markets. The more I learn about living frugal, the more I understand the need and importance of Farmers Markets. Being dependent on the markets and homegrown foods from my garden (when I get to plant one) will help my family when times get harder. I'm sure it's gonna get harder. We're in the End Times.

          I could go on with more things, but this post has to end sometime.
     Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Be blessed!!!

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