Friday, March 8, 2013

The World of 4H

Well my daughter and stepdaughter decided a couple years ago they wanted to get into 4H. Back then they were in dance also and didn't really harp on me much about it. Well recently they asked again. So since we took the year off from dance I went ahead and researched it and My Firefighter and I put the girls in it. They wanted to raise an animal as a project. So we're raising rabbits.
We only have two rabbits,one per girl, so that we can ease them into the responsibility of taking care of an animal. Where we live in Texas it's nothin for someone to have a goat or a calf in their back yard. But I'm NOT gonna start off with a HUGE animal. Especially since our yard is not completely fenced in.
They've been doing good. We got the rabbits about a month ago and we've been to one rabbit show. My stepdaughter won Best of Breed for her Dutch buck (boy). She got a big trophy too. We were excited for her. We have our second competition this weekend in Louisiana. My Firefighter won't be traveling with us. He has to work for another Firefighter Saturday, so my mom will go with us. It's gonna be a little tense because my ex wife in law (husbands ex wife) will be coming and she doesn't want to get along with me, but everything will be fine. My mom and kids will be there with me. I'll let everyone know how we do!
Have a great weekend friends!

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