Sunday, April 14, 2013

Goodwill Adventures

                So I'm opening a dance studio again. Well, it's more than a dance studio...more like a performing arts studio. We will teach more than just dance and have music shows monthly too. So on a whim, I stopped at Goodwill with the kids to see if I could find anything to be used at my studio.
                I found The Wee One, or rather HE found a toy firefighter helmet that he LOVES...and for $.59 I love it too. My daughter found the card game, Would You Rather, for $.99, and my oldest son found a Kodak digital camera with docking station for $12.99. It's an older camera but he wanted something he could start wiht. He plans to work his way up to what I have, a Nikon D70. For the studio I found a 6ft long folding table to use for the music show nights. They're normally $45 around this area brand new. I found this one for $24.99!!! I will DEFINITELY get my money's worth out of it.
               Anyone else have any good finds?

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