Saturday, September 28, 2013 again

                  Well....I'm back for a while. I've been doing some things that I keep thinking,"Wow! I should write about that in my blog!"...yet I never seem to actually sit down and do it. Also everytime I have intentions of putting a new recipe on here I get so caught up in cleaning and cooking, I forget to take pics! Ugh!
                  But I had a breakthrough this week. While sitting with my supervisor at work enduring a mind numbing audit, we had a break and were talking and she busts out with," and I told him ya  know...Paige is the most disorganized one in this office and she got her stuff together and taught that class!" Well...there were more colorful words she used cause of the environment we work in...but this is a family show...but I digress. Anyway, it stuck in my head all day and I realized...yep...I'm disorganized! I'm in NO WAY having a pity party. I'm just having one of those "ah ha" moments as Oprah calls them.
                  I've also had another realization. My dance studio is not going to make it. As much as I tried to keep this dream alive, financially it's just not going to happen. If I had a place in my home or on my property that I could teach in I could do it with no business loan, but without enough students to make it be self sufficient, I can't keep it open. I have to break this to my 4 students tomorrow. I hate this cause I love them and I know I'm letting them down. family comes first.
        step....getting bills paid off! I'll start tackling that when I close down in November. My off all business related bills by summer. Not sure how I'm going to tackle that...but I will. Getting back into thrift mode and will be back on top soon.
                 WISH ME LUCK!

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