Monday, December 30, 2013

Living on The Frugal Side

Hey y'all!!!
's been a while! I've had several things I wanted to post on here, but I'm not such a fan of posting from my Iphone. I know everyone does, I guess it's just trying to post with The Wee One either on me or wanting my undivided attention. But I'm at work in dispatch right now...with a spare minute.
           I have two goals for 2014:
1)To be HOT by my birthday in July. (Trophy Wife)
2)To become more frugal and work on minimizing my family's carbon footprint.

           My favorite thing to read about is frugal living. I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading and They helped me gain more knowledge on how to waste nothing and stretch my budget with five kids and all that implies. We participate in 4H and our two daughters raise show rabbits, and now our two older sons joined and all four of them are going to do the 4H rifle project. Which means we're buying FOUR rifles. Thankfully they provide ammo and all other equipment. And they encourage my interest in clean eating. Motivating me to cook more and eat out less, which helps not only my belly but my pocketbook too!!!

            The more I read the more I also get ideas for repurposing things in my house and at my storage. My first big project was my daughter's chest of drawers. When we moved in with Colin I had barely any furniture, and what I did have was in my storage space. We made do and I'm sorry to say I let it go too long that she had a small nightstand in her closet to put stuff in. So this weekend I made sure to follow through. 
       Unfortunately I forgot to take a before pic...but here's the In Progress. 
And now...AFTER!!!
     I used the sander my husband got me for a present this year, a gallon of wrongly mixed paint I got at Lowes for $5.00 as is, and some pink fluorescent spray paint I bought for my studio. No distressing the wood...just straight paint. I think it looks good. I think she does too!

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