Monday, November 16, 2015

Spring Clean November!

      So it has started! I am starting to take control of my life again...and all that implies. Which includes my house. For so long I just felt so overwhelmed that I would let things just sit. But I'm ready for things to change. 
       ALSO....we are looking into buying land. We've decided when we retire from being first responders we wanna get into raising show animals. Livestock. So we need to purchase land. So...we need to save money. So looking into cutting bills out, I realized if I can clean the storage room out at our house I could get rid of the storage unit I have and save us $100 a month. 
     I started last week with my two daughters. We got about 8 boxes unloaded and thrown away. We'll be back at it next weekend. Hopefully we can get a bigger area cleaned out. 

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