Thursday, July 17, 2014

Look And See Wednesday

    Ok it's actually Thursday, but this was my LAST DAY SHIFT of my work cycle! I'm off SEVEN DAYS NOW! WOOHOO!!!'s the fridge 
As you can see the ground meat has been used. I made a large batch of poor man's hamburger helper. Poor mans hamburger helper consists of ground beef and shells and cheese. It was TASTY! Even my finicky bonus son liked it. He has truly eaten great all week. It's been a really good week. Yesterday(Tuesday) I made a chocolate pie to replace the pumpkin pie that was steadily being eaten. And as you can's half gone itself. Lol
      And no...I still haven't cleaned the bottom of the fridge. Yes...I'll take care of that tomorrow. On an exciting note...
My diva daughter went to a sewing camp this week at a local sewing machine and fabric store. They made tag quilts. She has finished the quilt top. 
This was her first time EVER following a pattern and sewing on a machine. I think it looks awesome. Sewing is a skill I want her to learn early in life by people who are masters of this skill because I had to teach myself and I only started in the last 10 years. One more pic...
See....diva....until next time friends!

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