Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Here We Go!!!

SO....today is the first day of my new journey. Recital rush is over, school is out and priorities have been set.
God is a major priority in my life even though in not your stereotypical devout Christian. He has shown me recently ( He has such a knack for wacking me across the head with me taking the reigns away from Him) that I LET people influence major decisions I made in my past...and that fear influenced me without me recognizing it. Well....OUT WITH FEAR!!! It's Faith in reverse and I REFUSE to go in reverse anymore!
I'm going to take my days one minute at a time till I can get to taking them one hour at a time....then I'll conquer one day at a time. I'm so sick of "coulda,woulda,shoulda". And it's MY FAULT! I got no one to blame but myself. I want my kids to see me accomplish at least ONE of my dreams do they can learn how to do it themselves. And I want to leave a mark on this world along with my children. Wow...this is heavier than I thought it was gonna sound. Lol!
Ok...so who's with me!?! What's the one dream God put in your heart that you have yet to accomplish? We can be each other's accountability! Are ya with me!?!

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