Thursday, June 28, 2012

Offering Myself

To all who read my blog, I'm a Christian. I love my God. Now I'm not gonna shove it in your face and say you have to love Him too, just know I'm gonna talk about Him and things that I experience in a spiritual sense. I'm in NO WAY trying to offend anyone.
That being said....I'm working my way back to a closer walk with God and I know it will make my life more peaceful again. I got a new daily devotional book, Love Out Loud by Joyce Meyer.
Today's devotional is about offering yourself as a living sacrifice for God to use. Loving others and basically living in worship of Him. This can done in many ways. One of them is through living healthy through better eating and exercise. The sweat and pain and sore muscles are a way of thanking God for life and showing Him we appreciate this living vessel by taking care of it. I've been in a rut for about 4 years now with all the life changes I've had. I studied God's Word for 10 years before that and got thrown for a loop I just wasn't ready for at the time. Now I'm ready to make the sacrifices I need to get back into worship. It's gonna be painful and possibly messy but I know I'm up for the challenge.
I'm starting to find more gluten free food products to try. I'll be reviewing some products soon and letting everyone know how things go!

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