Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Blog Dare

Hello My Chronicles Followers!
       So I was surfing Twitter today from my handy dandy iPhone 4. I don't think I've begun to explain how much I love this phone! I promise....I will start expressing myself better.
       So....I was surfing Twitter like I said and found tweets from Bloggy Moms about a year's worth of writing prompts for bloggers. I like the thought of this because it helps me post everyday and I don't have to say,"well....I was a bum today and me and the kids stayed home in our pj's and gorged ourselves on the pantry." I can actually have something to say to everyone without much thought on my part. LOL! I sound so lazy...I'm really not...I'm just trying to get the habit of posting everyday. I said I was gonna but I've been a resounding failure at it. NOT ANYMORE!!!
      So STAY TUNED!!!

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