Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blog Dare Day 5:The Least Newsworthy Story

         Well I'm at work tonight and after I log into my CAD system for the night, I log onto the internet. Going through the search engines I see a story about the future "Mrs. Cruise." Some "news" website has decided to analyze who is the best match for Tom Cruise and who would be the most eligible woman for him to marry.
                                               FREAKING REALLY!?!?!?
          We have an economy that is basically in the swirl motion going down the toilet, a judicial system that's so overworked that it's starting to loose criminals in the cracks, a public school system that's cutting out basic essentials to our childrens learning, and the only thing I keep hearing about who everyone wants in the White House is,"the lesser of two evil". We need someone to come up with some suggestions on how to solve these problems....and all they can write about is TOM CRUISE'S NEXT WIFE!!!!
          I'm all for entertainment...but I thought that's what Snooki was for.

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