Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bloggy Moms Blog Dare 9-16-12: My First Best Friend

My first best friend would have to be...well there's two. My mom and grandmother. Mine was a stay at home mom and her mother lived with us. Mamaw Geraldine was an original. She was a single,divorced mom when it wasn't ok to be one. Her husband (my grandfather) had beat her and cheated on her with her best friend...and that was NOT ok. And she sure as heck wasn't gonna just turn the other cheek anymore. The scary thing was,I was told the man never drank. He was just pure mean. I've been told of a time he beat her and broke her jaw, then refused to give her the money to go to the hospital to get medical attention. My mom says she drank everything she ate through a straw for 3 months.
Anyway, with no state agency to force him to pay child support, she was often left to get creative when it came to providing for her children. She did everything from owning a fast food chicken restaurant to sewing for dance studios and drill teams. She taught me that when you're a mom you can learn ANYTHING.
So my first four years of life were spent with Momma and Mamaw Geraldine non-stop. I didn't go to daycare, mothers day out...just dance class. I could depend on them for anything and everything. They were my playmates. We may not have had much money,but they made up for it in creativity and love. I wasn't made to be in the kitchen to learn how to cook, but I taught myself. I'm also teaching myself to sew, bake and can.
I hope my mom is proud of me for what I've learned. I know my grandmother would be. Lol.

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