Saturday, September 15, 2012

Trying to get on track

So I've been busy opening a new business. I've been a dancer all my life. If I wasn't singing,I was dancing. Since I was eight years old I've wanted to own my own dance studio. I've taught at other studios, but I finally followed through and opened my very own studio!
The name is Firehouse Dance Factory. A tribute to my husband and my rock. He loves me and believes in me and my talents. He's also my very own personal Bob Villa! I also put a small dancewear shop inside the studio. It's called All That Sass Dancewear. My mission is to provide affordable dance instruction, and dancewear with a focus on keeping dancewear and other dance supplies under $20...with the exception of shoes.
I'm also working my full time job in dispatch AND keeping the house and family running. I DO NOT have a business loan. Everything comes out of my paycheck. So I'm looking into how to save money in other ways yet still contribute to the family finances. I'm going to start trying to make a habit out of a couple of things at a time.

1) Make baking bread and canning jelly or jam a weekly thing.
2) Make time to pack a day worth of meals for work. To keep me from spending frivolously.
3) Utilize my Soda Stream! That's basically FREE carbonated drinks.

I'm praying I can discipline myself to live a more frugal lifestyle. I'll keep everyone posted!!!

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