Sunday, May 26, 2013

Becoming Self Suffcient

     Well it's Memorial Day weekend. My firefighter and I had planned on starting a vegetable garden. Well...tilling up a small piece of yard and planting. I have crooked squash and orange bell peppers growing in buckets but I was wanting to transplant them and grow stuff to be able to start a canning selection. BUT...the tiller we were borrowing from our landlord  decided it wanted the holiday weekend off, so it wouldn't start. So on to plan B!
       I've had a recipe for canning peaches I've been wanting to try so I started gathering everything I needed this past week. I figured since we couldn't plant today I could at least start canning. The recipe calls for boiling the peaches for 30 seconds then putting them in ice water and peeling the skins off. Well I don't have an ice maker OR ice I got inventive. I used a potatoe peeler!
It might not have made them as pretty as Dole makes them...but hey it got the job done. 
       So I got so into working on it all that I forgot to take pics as I went along. Oh well. So I cut them up NOT UNIFORM. Again...this is not Dole. And filled 3 pint jars. Then I started the syrup. An easy, light syrup that just needed to be brought to a rolling boil. I ladled the syrup into the jars and then got the bubbles out. Then the canning process started. 15 minutes later....
TA DA!!!!! Letting them cool while I rest my back. Not bad for a day that could have been messed up completely. Let's hear it for plan B's!!!!
   Happy Memorial Day!

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