Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sticking To It

The New Years Resolutions.
  I normally don't make them. I listen to everyone elses...but I normally don't even try to set myself up for failure with this action. HOWEVER...this year I really thought about it and with the obvious weight loss resolution being an automatic on the list I came up with two I'm making every effort to become a lifestyle change...not just a new years list.
       1)Become more frugal and save money.
          I am starting the Dave Ramsey course in February with my husband. Even though he's deadest against anything to do with Christianity(he's not a non-believer...he's just not a church kind of he says),he was willing to listen to what this can offer us.
          I am also investing in products that will last for years to come food storage-wise. I bought some Pyrex lunch containers. I was trying to find some at a resale shop or craft/antique mall in the area, but they want MUCH MORE for USED Pyrex than I want to spend. My goal is to eventually have ALL Pyrex food storage. Completely do away with plastic in my home
        2)Eat clean and make the majority if not all the food I and my family eat myself.
           I have done good in the past three days by preparing and packing my food for work the night before and REMEMBERING to grab it from the ice box when I leave for work. When I get off this evening my plan is to make some dishes that can be frozen and reheated this week while I'm on midnights. If that doesn't get done tonight it will get done on my day off Monday. I've also talked with my kids about trying to save on school lunches and have them bring their lunches this week. Trial run to see if we can remember.
          We are a long way from saving and paying off things but with these baby steps we are on our way to a debt free life and a home WE OWN!!!

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