Friday, February 7, 2014

Good Finds and Other Things

So I'm starting to look more for good finds. I've found a few. Like this cup for work.
      I had my eye on cups like this double walled durable plastic mason jar style cup at the big chain smiley face discount store around the holidays. Well after the new year when my daughters loaded our dishwasher one night, they loaded my reusable cup for work and somehow warped it. So much that it looked like it was put into the microwave to be dried. So it bit the dust. But I digress....
      So I had to get MORE hangers for our home and some organizational tools for my closet to function correctly and I saw this cup...MARKED DOWN to $2.48! I grabbed it and now have a mug I carry EVERYWHERE!!!
      I also was able to get one of my daughters a lunch bag and Pyrex container for her to start carrying her lunch. We whipped up a healthy lunch of pasta noodles and veggies this morning and I also sent apple slices that were NOT prepackaged. I'm trying to teach her early about frugal living so that she doesn't have the learn all this the hard way like I am. She said her lunch was "incredible" and she's ready to take more with her tomorrow morning. I'll have to stay up and make her lunch before I go to sleep since I'm working midnights this weekend.
       When my husband went to get dog food I had him grab me some peanut butter and more small green apples for my work snacks. I'm still working on being frugal in more ways but the baby steps are the way to getting it right.

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