Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tuesday Results

        Ok! TOTAL ACCOMPLISHMENT! Monday night I told my husband we were gonna start actually eating the leftovers we always accumulate because we are throwing LOTS of money away when we let it go to waste. And with all the new expenses I've taken on since my father died (funeral and headstone at grave), we can't afford to throw money away anymore. 
      SO....I'm extremely excited to report that I remembered my lunch that I prepped Monday night and only spent change getting a large drink that always lasts the majority of my shift! I even brought home what I didn't finish and put it back in the fridge to eat later. 
       My husband gave me the rundown of his day off and mentioned that he and our boys didn't eat the goulash leftovers for lunch because his ex father in law(we're still friends with him) took him and the boys to lunch for helping him haul some things. That meant that supper preparation suddenly was reduced to me heating the leftovers! I thought about cooking a small amount to add to the leftovers but my husband thought we had enough. Unfortunately it turns out there was only enought to feed five. So after plating up supper for the three kids at home and my husband I heated myself a package of ramen noodles to eat. I keep it as a standby for my five year old. Then we all enjoyed ice cream cups AND...I went ahead and made a chocolate pie!!! I'm on a roll people!!!
       So here's what the ice box looks like now...

So the gallon of milk is almost gone and the pumpkin pie is being enjoyed. Also the can soft drinks are dwindling and all left over food has been eaten. My husband also drank two of his gatorades while mowing grass today. We saw a deal for give at the grocery store and jumped on it since we knew he would be mowing a few this week. And we've been able to maintain order on the fridge door too! Yyyaaaaaayyyy!!!!
       Stay tuned for more tomorrow!!!!

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