Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Monday...On Wednesday

     I'm working days this week so I've taken photos but haven't had time to post!
       Ok! So Monday I came home from work and made my own version of goulash. I aptly named it Batchgirl Goulash! THEY LOVED IT! Even my bonus son....the most finicky eater I have right now! 
         Sunday night I baked a loaf of bread and finally made a pumpkin pie for my husband (he's been bugging me to make him one for a while). 
So here's my Monday night photos!

     No I haven't had time to clean the bottom shelf or the floor part in front of the drawers, but nothing is growing! Anyway, on the bottom shelf is the leftover goulash in reusable pyrex containers. The three small pyrex containers on the top shelf are for my lunch for work tomorrow. There's also a small container on the bottom for my daughter to take to sewing camp with her. They have a lunch break and instead  of having snacks for lunch she's packing it! Stay tuned for Tuesday!

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